Who We Are

We offer useful information about autism that aims to support the needs of families, carers and friends of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. There are charities/associations that provide fully integrated activity programmes for families of Autistic children, offering activities which are generally inaccessible due to lack of suitability, inadequate support and absence of specialised facilities. […]


Autism Awareness Training

Autism Awareness Training is available to both parents of autistic children and normal people to gain a better understanding of what autism actually is. The Autism Awareness Training Includes: A clearer understanding of autism Knowing more about Asperger’s syndrome Strategies for working with people on the spectrum Courses tailored around individual needs Courses held at […]

Health Methodologies

Water treatment To help you have pure drinking water • Household water is low in energy and vibrancy and will actually deplete rather than nourish our body’s systems. • The Living Water Vortex transforms your tap, filtered or bottled water into biologically active living water. • The Living Water Vortex Jug simulates the self-cleansing spirals […]


Your Health and Well-Being

Looking for a sensible healthy eating regime as opposed to the most recent food fad? Uncertain of what is worth trying and what’s advisable to veer away from. Unlike other diet websites which only offer bog-standard information, our site provides a free and unbiased review of available British diets. We also have a vote poll […]


UK Services available

Services that are available for people/children who have autism: A structured range of activities for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders including weekly youth clubs and football workshops. Summer leisure programme. Regular integrated activities for the families. Information and advice on ASD and related issues. Assistance with welfare benefit forms. Support/Advocacy at meetings. […]


Current Town Centre Store

In 1996 We made our Final Move to our current premises in the heart of Dewsbury. Situated in the Town Centre we are located directly opposite the UK’s No 1 Outdoor Market. The premises was opened by the Local MP Ann Taylor who was the Leader of the House Of Commons. The showroom is over […]



Nappy Wholesaler Kiddies Kingdom was previously known as the Nappy factory, it started operating in the early 1980’s by its current MD Mr Hanif Patel. With very few baby suppliers around, the nappy factory found a gap in the market place and managed to establish there selves very quickly. At that time we were a […]